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Wilson’s of Rhu Ltd, Terms and Conditions of Coach Hire and Travel

  1. All bookings are subject to these Terms & Conditions. Bookings are complete and binding when the confirmation is received whether verbally or in writing and when the required deposit is received from the client if required at which time the deposit becomes non- returnable.
  2. In these conditions “Wilson’s” shall mean “Wilson’s of Rhu Ltd”
  3. Wilson’s (or its agents or servants) shall not be liable for any loss suffered by any customer or passenger caused by accident or road traffic delay.
  4. Wilson’s do not give, nor is anyone authorized to give on its behalf, any express or implied warranty or representation in regard to any bookings.
  5. Wilson’s shall be permitted.
    (a) To cancel, suspend, alter or withdraw any travel, transport, accommodation or other service booked. In the case of such a cancellation, suspension, but in no other case, a full refund will be made of all monies paid for the facility cancelled, suspended or withdrawn.
    (b) To refuse to carry or accommodate or ask to withdraw or otherwise provide for any person without giving any reason for such refusal.
  6. Charges in all transactions will be based on prices prevailing when the facility is used and are subject to alteration without notice should rates of exchange or fares alter.
  7. All Hiring arrangements are made subject to the Conditions of Wilson’s Operators Licence. This includes the driver of the coach complying with Drivers Hours Regulations. Breaks that the driver will require should be taken in to account when planning journey times.
  8. Any damage caused to the vehicle or its fittings thereof by any member of the party or group whether caused willfully or by negligence, shall be the Hirer’s responsibility who shall repay to Wilson’s the cost of the repairs for such damage and any losses or downtime of the vehicle which are the natural and direct consequences of the act, which caused the damage.
  9. The route over which the journey is to be taken will be arranged by Wilson’s unless any specific request is made by the Hirer and in accordance therewith a quotation will be based. Should the Hirer make any subsequent arrangements with Wilson’s or the driver for a deviation of route whereby mileage or time of the new route exceeds that of the original route, the Hirer will be liable to pay Wilson’s for the extra cost incurred.
  10. All arrangements for hires are subject to the availability of a vehicle or vehicles of the capacity required at the date and time of the request. Wilson’s will not be held responsible for unavailability of a vehicle for that a quote has been given. Having received a quote does not guarantee availability of a vehicle.
  11. Unless otherwise mutually agreed a deposit of £25.00 of the hire charge must be paid with booking.
  12. Once a confirmation and deposit for a booking has been received, the deposit is non returnable. If a booking is cancelled more than 14 days before a journey taking place no further charge will apply. If a booking is cancelled between 7 and 14 days before the journey taking place a fee equivalent to 30% of the booking cost will be due. If a booking is cancelled between 48 hours and 7 days before the journey taking place a fee equivalent to 50% of the booking cost will be due. If a booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the journey taking place, the full cost of the booking will be due less the cost of the fuel the vehicle would have used. Should the cancelled booking involve additional services, for example, meals, accommodation, ferry charges, etc., and the proprietors of these services make a charge of cancellation fees, these will be passed on to the hirer in addition to the cancellation fee already listed.
  13. Wilson’s reserve the right to sub contract a vehicle from another operator when necessary. The company’s vehicles may not be sub-let, lent or licensed by a hirer without the written consent of the company, and the company reserves the right to supply larger vehicle than ordered, There will be no additional charge unless the extra seating capacity is utilised.
  14. A driver is responsible for his vehicle throughout the period of hire and his decision is final. He has authority to refuse admission to any person whom he considers a nuisance or unsuitable and has the right to ask such a person to be removed from the vehicle before continuing the journey.
  15. No Animals are permitted on the Company’s vehicles with the exception of guide dogs.
  16. No Alcoholic drink may be carried or consumed in the Company’s vehicles.
  17. No Smoking is allowed on the Company’s vehicles.
  18. No fast food i.e. chips, pizza’s, burgers etc. are permitted to be carried or consumed on the
    Company’s vehicles.
  19. A driver may stop passengers from bringing luggage or goods, which he considers, unfit into the
    Company’s vehicles. Heavy articles such as suitcases should be deposited in the rear and side luggage
    lockers and no article should obstruct the gangway or emergency exits.
  20. When necessary a different coach may return a party from a destination to the one that took passengers out furthermore, coaches may be used to perform other work during the waiting time at a destination unless the Hirer has expressed their wish in advance for a coach to stay with their party in which case there may be an additional charge.
  21. Any costs incurred in respect of road and bridge tolls, ferry and parking charges shall be the responsibility of the Hirer.
  22. It is an essential part of the Contract of Hire that payment in full is made before departure unless otherwise agreed.